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              Risk is an unavoidable part of the business world. As with any trading or investment vehicle, there is a high degree of financial risk in trading. It is important for someone involved in Forex trading to understand the risks, before actually diving into it.

If you are considering participating in the Forex market, then you should learn to manage risk instead of being afraid of it. Forex trading investment is one of the fastest and safest ways to multiply your money. As long as you can master the art of risk management. Every trader should have the curiosity that their trade will not be completed until they take the necessary steps to manage the risks involved in Forex trading.

Seeing the incidents of fellow traders who experience losses almost every day, perhaps it is time for us to stop for a moment and take a moment to reflect. This is to find out why the previous trade almost destroyed the account. With uncertain circumstances, it is necessary to find a solution. This article will be quite helpful for those of you who are experiencing losses or are looking for ways to avoid experiencing losses.


Many of those who experience losses tend to look for other ways to return their capital quickly. For example they will sell robots and systems that claim to make you rich, but 99% of these offers do not use their own systems, and they give you information that is sometimes full of manipulation. There is no instant way to be successful in forex, you have to try it by following certain methods :

  • Create a Trading Schedule

         When you buy a market instrument, write down the reasons why you should buy. Likewise, when you do the same thing when you sell. Analyze and write down the mistakes you made, as well as the things you did right. By referring to a trading journal, you learn from past mistakes. Refine and keep learning to improve your abilities.

  • Don't immediately believe tips from other people

          We can only trade forex/forex ourselves by conducting research analysis of the trades we make. However, looking for information is also very important, because it is based on experience. However, information must be double-checked, not just listened to and believed.

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  • Study and Test the Reliability of Indicators

          To avoid losses, the first way is to study trading indicators. Because, without understanding it, it is impossible for you to know how it works in depth. Once the indicators are known, study the market candle patterns. If indicators and prices can be understood, it can be used as a profitable system.

If you are contemplating and thinking about how not to lose, then it seems like you need to test the reliability of the indicator by comparing the level of strength and the percentage of weakness. After knowing all the strengths and weaknesses of these indicators, it means you already understand how these indicators work in anticipating losses. Remember, there is no way to trade with an anti-loss system or not experience losses at all. If you are considering getting a system that does not experience any losses at all, it means that your trading method has deviated far from the initial way of learning to know the forex system.





  • Enter the market only if you are sure

If you believe the market is bullish or bearish, enter the market immediately. Or, for example, market conditions are sideways and you like it, then immediately enter the market. Don't wait for the price to move into a trend. On the other hand, if you doubt that the market will reverse direction suddenly, then do not enter.

  • Avoid Excessive Trading

Overtrade opens too many positions at the same time. Ideally you should have 3-5 positions at once. But nothing more than that. If you have too many floating positions, you tend to make emotional decisions when there are changes in the market. So keep the trading successful and smooth until the end of the transaction.


  • Don't hesitate to cut losses

When the position is clearly in the wrong direction, don't hesitate to cut losses. Profit or loss has nothing to do with yesterday's results. All transactions in the past will not bring bad luck or good luck in the present. As your experience increases, your trading system will get better. Give yourself mental motivation. The better your mentality, the better your psychology. When the system is correct, your mentality will also be good, that's where you will get multiple benefits.


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  • Developing Risk Management

The second way is to continue learning and developing risk management. You need to trade with discipline and control your emotions. It takes discipline and self-confidence to overcome the fear of losing money. Even if you lose on a trade, it is confidence that gives you the greatest hope of getting your money back.

Hence, we can conclude that it is wise to take some valuable advice from each of these safe methods to avoid losing money. Believe that Forex trading will make you rich. But you need to do it in a correct and rational way.



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