The correct way of technical trading analysis



              How to learn stock technical analysis for beginners? This article will answer this by outlining the steps and stages.

The capital market is an investment vehicle for investors to transact shares, bonds and mutual funds. Currently the number of investors has reached more than 9.5 million investors. Of course, the increasing number of investors and/or traders makes the stock market increasingly useful for anyone to invest in. However, before jumping in, you need to understand the right investment, such as the risk profile and analysis methods, so you can invest. invest. can always exist and generate profits. profits in the capital market.

For those of you who are interested in the capital market, especially shares for investment or trading purposes, you need to use analytical tools. For this reason, we should study more intensively and deeply so as not to experience losses. Remember, investing in the capital market is a long-term investment and not short-term. By mastering analytical tools, it is hoped that we will be able to invest well. An important part of investing and trading requires our ability to apply trading strategies and investment analysis well.

  • Get to know the market first

The market referred to here is the stock market where there is a lot of buying and selling activity with investment instruments such as shares. This is because traders share information and carry out buying and selling activities on the stock market. Many WA and Telegram groups were created to provide buying and selling advice to their members. Of course we have to understand if we are in a group like this, but it is best for beginners not to immediately believe what traders in this group say, remember that in the capital market sometimes something called Pom Pom appears. Remember our goal there is to learn first.

You must at least know the basics first so that later you can carry out technical analysis on the stock market. However, please first identify the components in it so you can know their characteristics.

For example, shares in the capital market are quite volatile or go up and down. In addition, there are traders and brokers carrying out activities in the market who need to analyze stock values. So, everything is interconnected and becomes a complete activity.

  • Stock Technical Analysis

This is the next important step to take. In general, transactions in the stock market still rely on sharp and accurate analysis. As far as possible, the analysis must be on target even though it requires continuous practice to be able to put it into practice.

You can learn how to analyze trades first by reading or watching videos. There are many virtual ways you can do this, one of which is by browsing via the internet network or taking part in webinar activities.

By attending the webinar, there are lots of sources and references regarding stock market and trading themes. Just choose the most accurate information provided by trusted and popular stock experts in this field. That way, you can learn more quickly and effectively.

Get to know how to analyze when investing or trading in the stock market:

       There are several stages that need to be carried out by an investor or trader when carrying out analysis. All stages must be carried out step by step so that we can master the final result well. Many novice traders make transactions without analysis, only learning for example from social media without having a strong foundation. Finally, when trading, many traders get stuck, aka their shares experience a correction.

As a beginner trader, you really need to know this basic information and knowledge because it is very important. Especially when you do actual trading in the stock market. So what are the steps? Below is a complete explanation that you should read.

Learn from Professional and Experienced Traders

       Many traders or people carry out buying and selling activities on the capital market and money market. However, only a few are professional and experienced in their field.

This trader already has a lot of experience so he definitely has accurate trading tips and tricks. As much as possible, you should look for and contact the trader, both in the real world and in cyberspace.

Start learning technical stock analysis from seniors and traders who are quite good and have integrity. You also need to buy books or something similar to read and study so that you too can become a great investor or trader.

If you want to learn more about technical analysis and get an expert degree in the field of technical analysis, of course you can take the Technical Analysis Competency Certification at the Capital Market Professional Certification Institute that you trust,

You can take an institution that provides or can get certification in the field of Technical Analysis, namely RTA (Regular Technical Analyst) and CTA (Certified Technical Analyst) Certification.

Benefits and Things to Learn in Capital Markets Certification

        Capital markets certification is very interesting for you to take because in the world of work you will be required to be able to carry out your duties more effectively and practice them directly in the field.

Benefits of Taking Capital Markets Certification

There are several benefits you will get when taking certification, as follows:

  • Get to know Risk Management in the Capital Market

Every job definitely has risks, both low impact and high impact. Likewise, activities in the capital market have risks and you must recognize them early. Before deciding to start investing, trading or becoming a professional in it.

Before determining the steps, it is a good idea for an investor and trader to know how to manage or minimize the impact of risk so as not to experience losses. Therefore, you must understand risk management in the financial industry, especially the capital markets. To have understanding,

  • Get to know the capital market in more detail

The capital market has many components, activities, and is related to other aspects. For example, you need to understand macroeconomic or large-scale conditions, so you can better understand the activities involved.

  • Main Duties and Functions of Market Players

Each actor in the capital market, of course, has their own duties and functions and will be related to the main functions of other market players. Therefore, as actors in the capital market, you need to understand the tasks you will be carrying out, apart from that, actors need to understand the special standards of ability and competency in the professional field that are recognized nationally. That way, someone can be said to be ready to enter the capital market.

If you are interested in having nationally recognized competencies, you can take the Competency Certification in the field of Financial Services, especially Capital Markets.

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