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One cannot go easy on trading strategies when trading online. A trader can change his life by trading online and earn money. However, it becomes a reality only if he uses an accurate trading strategy or formulates it properly and precisely on the market to be used.




            Deriv is one of the most preferred online trading platforms among beginners and advanced traders alike. This online trading platform can help you build enormous wealth. You can use the following 4 best trading strategies to get the best results from trading on


 "Covered call strategy


              Covered call strategy helps you to earn extra income by selling call options. As per this trading strategy, these call options can go against the stock they already hold.

This trading strategy is known as a covered call strategy because your trade is covered. You can apply this trading strategy when trading on Deriv when you have enough shares to cover the transactions and options you wish to sell.

Covered call strategies are beneficial in helping traders earn additional income from trading. However, there is one problem with this trading strategy, and that is that it can limit your profit potential in the event of a change in the price of the asset.

Closed call strategy pros
Some of the advantages of a covered call strategy include a variety of strategies:

Your potential to earn more assets when trading online increases with this trading strategy.
With this strategy, you can set a standard price at which you want to sell your asset.
This trading strategy is a favorite of traders because it limits your losses by keeping them limited, unlike other trading strategies.

Closed call strategy cons
The cons of using a closed call strategy are:

You won't be able to make additional profits if your stock price changes or increases in the future, limiting your profit potential.
To get more, you must defend your options with yourself until they are exhausted.



Bull call spread strategy


          To make money on Deriv, you can use another trading strategy called the 'bull call spread strategy.' Traders can benefit from a bull call strategy when there is an increase in the price of the stock, but the increase in price is limited.

This is one of the best trading strategies to help you limit your losses. A bull call spread strategy can help you profit from rising prices of the financial assets you hold. You can use this trading strategy to trade on and maximize your earnings.

Bull call spread strategy pro
The advantages of this strategy are:

This strategy is perfect for bullish traders who want to limit their losses.
The bull call spread strategy allows you to profit when the asset you are holding increases in price.
Beginners can use this strategy because it is easy to implement.
Cons of bull call spread strategy
The bull call spread strategy has the following drawbacks:

When using this strategy, you must hold your options until they expire.
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Get news Trading strategies

      Followers of news trading strategies will witness minimum losses during their trading journey with Deriv. We all know that the trend is the best thing a trader can follow. News and other journals help you stay abreast of trends and information that can benefit you when trading online.

Word travels faster than anything else for traders. You can stay informed by keeping a daily journal or watching some news channels. These days even digital and social media are becoming active to inform traders about trends. therefore, these trading strategies can help you stay informed and maximize your trades in the markets you work with.

Pro news trading strategy
The news trading strategy offers you various advantages.

This trading strategy helps you stay on top of market trends, and because of this, you can plan your next trading move.
By following the trend, you will be able to make the best trading decisions and make more profits.
Counter news trading strategy
The news trading strategy carries the following disadvantages:

You cannot rely solely on news trading strategies to make the best trading decisions.
You can't miss using the tools, trading indicators, and techniques to use this strategy.




Daily trend trading strategy

         Day trading strategies suit the needs of day traders who intend to make money throughout the day. If you are a full-time or professional trader or thinking of becoming a professional trader, this trading strategy is the one for you to master.

With the help of this strategy, you will profit by buying and selling during the opening or closing hours of a trade. For example, you buy an asset during trading hours. If the price of the asset rises at the close, you can sell the asset and profit from it.

Many traders use day trading strategies because of their benefits.

Pro day trading strategy
Here are some of the advantages of using a day trading strategy:

You don't have to think about the risk of holding your trade overnight.
Traders who trade for the short term during the day use this strategy to limit their losses. If your goal is to trade assets for 3-4 hours per day, you can use this trading strategy without thinking twice.
You can trade multiple assets while using the day trading strategy.
Cons of day trading strategy
The following problems may arise when using the day trading strategy:

In order to make money using day trading strategies, a trader must develop discipline and patience. This trading strategy is not suitable for traders who lack discipline.
You may not be able to make a profit if the trade is flat all day.


Choose one of the most suitable strategies for your trading





No trading strategy can be considered as the best trading strategy for traders. Beginners often struggle to build a trading strategy for themselves. However, these top 4 trading strategies are perfect for beginners and advanced traders alike.

You can use any of these trading strategies or use a combination of these trading strategies to trade on for example, you can follow a day trading strategy with a news trading strategy to make sure you profit by following the trends.

A trader should choose one trading strategy and stick to it until it works for him to get the best trading experience.






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