This article will show you some of the most common trading strategies as well as how you can analyze the pros and cons of each to decide what is best for your initial personal trading style, so that your first trade doesn't go awry.


          When people who start trading are usually too excited, trading immediately, sometimes starting without the right knowledge and strategy, because they think trading is easy. As a result, many accounts only last as long as corn or shorter. Traders who do not want to learn, will pay dearly when trading capital runs out. What you need to pay attention to is not just any knowledge that you should seek, but knowledge about the right trading. Many beginners actually get lost in learning about trading. As a result, the wrong mindset is also formed about trading. In his mind trading is easy, trading is a quick way to get rich, trading is just analysis and so on. If you want to learn about trading it is advisable to find a valid source. It is recommended to read the trading guide for beginners.


         You have to choose what to trade. starting from the right market or the capital market that is commonly used, trade according to the ability and risk that can be taken. I have been contacted by many people who want to learn options trading. When I asked if he knew the stock, he answered that he didn't know at all. This is silly. Whereas options are derivatives of stocks. Don't know stocks yet but want to trade options right away. It was the same as wanting to learn boxing, but wanting to fight a heavyweight champion. Guaranteed to crack. Many people like this, want to directly trade forex, gold, indices, but don't know that their abilities are still not able to trade there. For beginners, it is recommended to trade stocks first, then when you have consistent profits you can switch to forex, then gold, then indexes. Beginners who trade stocks also need to choose which stock to trade. For beginners, it is recommended to trade in blue chip stocks which are relatively not volatile. If you're just a beginner stock trader, you like trading fried stocks, so get ready to make lots of deposits and rarely withdraw.


        The choice of a broker is very important, because especially for Binary options brokers there are many who are naughty. It's a shame, I'm tired of trading, the money is taken away by the broker. Check the track record of the broker, its legality, where it is registered. After that, just check the facilities and features provided. Is the software easy to use, complete features, and so on. Customize brokerage services to your trading style.

 We recommend some commonly used brokers :


       Be realistic about trading results. Don't think about trading for living just yet. Unless you're extremely lucky, don't expect to turn $100 trading capital into $100,000 in an instant. In fact, the real focus of trading is survival. If you expect too high, you will only be disappointed, frustrated, desperate and ultimately fail. Right from the start of trading, think and be realistic (unless you are very, very lucky). Unfortunately no one is very, very lucky. so use the mindset to survive and take a small daily target profit or the term consistent profit.


       Many traders underestimate the psychological aspect of trading. Though emotions that are not maintained can destroy trading performance. The emotions of greed and fear greatly affect trading performance. Many trading cases that were originally smooth, eventually ended up falling apart due to emotional factors, so in trading your emotions must be really awake, start trading when conditions are good and healthy and control your emotions well, use the right strategy and start trading casually.


Trading on margin is a product that uses a leverage mechanism, carries a high risk and cannot be guaranteed to be suitable for all investors. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE OF PROFIT on your investment, therefore beware of parties that provide guaranteed profits in trading. You are advised not to use these funds if you are not prepared to suffer losses. Before deciding to trade, make sure you understand the risks involved and also take your experience into account.
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